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The establishment of enterprises  

  • To provide legal services for clients to establish various types of enterprises, according to customer needs to set up the company 's location, manner, nature and mode of operation for legal arrangements, planning, and provide advice.

Enterprise restructuring

  • Conduct due diligence on the enterprises to be reformed and take part in formulating the restructuring plan;      

  • To provide legal services for the definition of enterprise property rights;

  • Drafting and reviewing relevant documents and documents on restructuring;

  • Negotiate on behalf of the enterprise and communicate with relevant government departments;

  • Advice on the problems arising in the process of restructuring, and cooperate with the enterprise to remove legal obstacles.

Corporate Governance Structure Design

  • Assisting the Company to establish an effective three - tier meeting (shareholders' meeting, board of directors, board of supervisors and management);

  • Formulate internal corporate governance documents and improve the system of shareholders' meetings, board of directors, board of supervisors and independent directors.

Corporate M & A and Anti - takeover

  • To find the target company for the M & A, to find the transferee for the proposed sale of the enterprise, to participate in the negotiations between the two sides;

  • Conduct a full due diligence on the target company;

  • Draft relevant legal documents, including agreements, approval documents, etc.

  • Establish M & A plan and ensure the target of M & A under the premise of legality and compliance;

  • Advising on issues related to the M & A process;

  • Designed anti - takeover defensive measures for the company.

Merger and division, bankruptcy and liquidation

  • Develop programs to address legal issues and remove legal barriers;

  • Set up legal disposal plan for creditor 's rights and debts;

  • Legal arrangements are made for the conversion of assets and liabilities and debts in the process of merger and division.