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  • Restructuring and restructuring program design

  • Legal Due Diligence

  • Assistance in the preparation of the Restructuring Agreement, the Shareholders' Initiator Agreement, the Related Party Transaction Agreement, the Articles of Association and other relevant legal documents

  • Assist in establishing and improving the corporate governance structure of the Company

  • Assist in the preparation of information disclosure documents such as prospectus

  • Restructuring and restructuring program design

  • A legal opinion is issued

Beijing Zhilin law firm has a wealth of new three-board service experience, with a number of brokerage firms, accounting firms to form a stable business relationship between the new three-board, as of October 2015 Zhilin firms and lawyers team has been in the new three-board area Lang (83,322,226), shares (832,646), Yuxin shares (832,748), Guocheng Ruitai (430,186) and more than 10 companies listed, private placement, equity investment and financing, legal advisers, the annual legal advice and other services , The other is being reorganized, restructuring, due diligence, delivery of materials and other stages to be more than 10 enterprises on the board.

Beijing Zhilin Law Firm can provide equity structure, equity incentive, corporate restructuring, venture capital, share reform, due diligence, delivery materials, joint brokerage and auditing, private placement, equity investment and financing, annual legal opinions, Legal advisers, and so the whole process of the new three-board service.